Rick's Rub's - Beer Can Chicken

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Spice up this year's summer cookouts and try something different: Beer Can Chicken. This unique and amusing roasting technique leaves chicken skin thin and crispy, while also producing tender and moist chicken. Experience flavorful and juicy chicken like never before with our Beer Can Chicken Rub.

How to cook beer can chicken

Beer Can Chicken is a simple and easy method for grilling chicken.

Ingredients: 1 full chicken, 1 can of Rick's Original, chicken rub, chicken stand, and grill is all you need.

  1. Clean and prepare chicken
  2. Mix Beer Can Chicken Rub with olive oil into thick paste
  3. Generously apply paste to your chicken
  4. Insert half full can of beer into chicken cavity
  5. Place on roasting chicken stand
  6. Grill your chicken over indirect heat for an hour or till crispy (check temp. at upper thigh to ensure internal temp. has reached 165°F)


Add olive oil, Rub generously on chicken, Turkey, or any poultry. Take can of beer (half full), put the whole can up in the cavity of the bird and cook on grill for an hour or so, depending on temp. Make sure the bird is done, then enjoy.


Spices, Garlic, Paprika, Salt, Dried Chiles, Dried Lemon Peel.